Wednesday, February 9, 2011

State of the Nation Address

In my annual effort at raising awareness of organ donation, I made an appearance on the Tubridy Show on 2FM yesterday.

I think it went well. The researcher on the show woke me when she rang to ask if I would come on. I think this made for better radio, as I am an angry beast when roused from my sleep in any event, not to mind when I am roused for the purpose of talking about dialysis

Go here if you want to download the podcast or just play the interview on your computer thing.

Much obliged.


  1. Regina,
    I had just finished listening to the interview and came here to comment on how well I thought you sounded when I saw you had a new post up on the topic.

    You sounded very organized and wonderfully coherent in discussing calmly this terrible and personal situation. The interviewer too, seemed knowledgeable and sympathetic. I notice he has a Wednesday interview with a gentleman who needs a heart transplant, is he continuing to follow the issue; if so that would be great.

    Your passion and anger came through as well which if there was any justice would move the powers that be or the powers that are to be to make the needed changes in transplant co-ordination.

    Sorry if I sound a little scattered, I got some bad news this week. See This Limbo email for a private rant

  2. Well done again, a powerful, emotional interview, got the message clearly across. The "perfect balance" of anger, frustration, sadness and concern in your voice. It couldn't have sounded any better and will hopefully prompt changes fast.

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  3. I'd missed it the other morning but herself was listening in, said you spoke brilliantly and she wasn't wrong. Some wholly justified frustration and anger, articulated so well.

    I also thought he interviewed you very well.

  4. J Harper - I will look at my emails now, but thank you for your nice comments. Tubridy has continued the topic since that day. He had a heart transplant guy on yesterday and more about kidney dialysis on today.

    Anonymous - Thanks for those tips! I think I've done it properly now. I'm delighted the interview went down so well with people. It all helps, I hope.

    Radge - In fairness to Tubridy, he is interested in organ donation and he does a lot to keep it on the agenda. I quite like the title 'ambassador'. Chief ambassador would be better.

  5. That seems to be the wrong link, the podcast index page is here:
    and your specific podcast is here:

  6. Anonymous - I fcuking hate technology. I think it should be right now however.

  7. ^^^ That's some good HTML right there. Gold star!

  8. Good on you, you were really articulate and clear-even through your obvious anger.Fair play.

  9. Anonymous - I'm all about the html now!

    Martha - Thanks so much. I'm glad it went well and I hope someone with the power to change things was listening.