Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Day

There were three wishes made.

The gathering last week was to celebrate the engagement of him to her, and it coincided with a birthday that he wanted to keep quiet.

The scene at the dinner table - three opposite three. On this side, in by the fire and away from the cold, there sat the dialysis crew. Me, him and another.

Across the way, his fiancée, still getting used to her title, and two good friends down through years of the happy and the sad.

The cake was brought out and the song sung badly. He blew out the candle, for it was his special night, but being the way he is, he thought of us too.

The tea light on the table was used to set the wick aglow again, and it was passed along.

His fellow hostages of the same misfortune duly took their moment, registered their wish, and exhaled a laboured breath from bodies broken.

Bad luck to tell anybody what you wished for, but easy to know that on this night, with these three, the same request was made in triplicate.

No more thought was given to it. Until last night, when he got the call.

He has just come out of surgery. Transplant done. His wish fulfilled.


  1. Fantastic news. And your turn will come. Shows that transplants *are* being done!

    I knew that life support was set to be switched off on a particular person yesterday (I'm respecting their anonymity), and thought of you when I heard.

    No doubt it's the same person. Condolences to the family, but also thanks to them for making the choice to donate at such a horrendous time. And congratulations to 'him' too!

  2. Anonymous - I told him it was so typical that he decided to get a transplant the week I was on the radio saying that nobody was getting kidneys! Delighted for him and his family. He's had a long wait. He'll never know who is donor was, but he/she will never be forgotten. They'll be with 'him' in every healthy moment he will enjoy in the coming years.

    Eoin - I was balling crying last night (happy tears), when I heard the news. He rang me on his way to Beaumont. So surreal. He honestly thought this day would never come at this stage.

  3. As certain characters in Irish politics keep shouting, Regina (slightly changed to apply to you):

    Tiocfaidh to lá!

  4. Francis - I think we'd all agree that my getting a kidney would be preferable to those who are fond of that slogan getting their 32-county Ireland!

  5. In this week of bad to terrible news, it is excellent that we have a reminder that sometimes things do work out.

    Blessings on the donor and the donor's family who made a truly generous gift of life.

    Could you translate Tiocfaidh to lá! for me? My Irish is not what it was (actually it is exactly what it ever was, that is non-existent.)

    My best wishes to your friend, both on his transplant and upcoming marriage, two big adventures. May all the hopes of the good guys come to fruition.

    J Harper
    Regina, SK

  6. Reggie,

    There is definitely a book in ya after all these experiences!

    The title of this post came as a bolt out of the blue, almost a shock, after the understandable rage and frustration of your last couple of posts.

    Yes, your time will come. You are being tested more than you deserve, but what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger.

    And none of us really knows what's around the corner tomorrow, next week, next month, etc. Be strong!


  7. J Harper - It is indeed wonderful to see someone you know transplanted. I nearly feel like I had the operation myself, such is my elation! Tiocfaidh ár lá is something the angry Republican types were fond of saying back in the day. It means "Our day will come". Francis was helpfully tweaking it to tell me "Your day will come".

    Ciaran - It was nice to have something happy to write about. A week that started with such misery ended with a great boost for all of us. It's just brilliant news. Hope all is well over West!

  8. Great news. Soon Regina, that'll be you.

  9. Holemaster - I hope you're right. 'Tis badly needed now.

  10. Eoin - I just realised I used "balling" where I should have written "bawling". Shocking. This is what happens to my brain when I have to work. Apologies.

  11. Hi. Please keep an eye on your email (incl. junk filter) over next week or two. Something of interest *may* be on the way. Good luck.

  12. Anonymous - Er, that's a bit of a strange message. I check my emails regularly anyway, so I'm sure I won't miss whatever it is.