Monday, March 28, 2011

On the buses

In all my years of travelling on Dublin Bus, yesterday was the first time I noted a unicycle in the luggage rack.

Yes, a unicycle.

I surveyed my fellow passengers, trying to work out which of them was the owner of this wonderful vehicle.

I settled on the chap with the long, unkempt hair who had the look of an overgrown adolescent returning from a festival in some muddy field.

My mother would regard anyone with such an appearance as a drop-out. But for all I know, he was returning from a weekend of circus work to reclaim his 9 to 5 capitalist place as a cog in some wheel this Monday morning.

In any case, the nonchalance with which he picked up his unicycle and stepped off the bus, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, made me smile.

There and then I decided that in the future, after transplant, I will always carry around some interesting item with me each day.

A musical instrument, or a set of juggling clubs, or a lacrosse stick.

And I shall wear a flower in my lapel, or a flower in my hair.

Life will be much more colourful then.


  1. I'm a big bus fan. I love taking the bus. I usually walk to work but sometimes I take the bus if it's raining. I find all the different voices and languages and people really interesting.

    I'm a born people watcher.

  2. Holemaster - I love the bus also. All forms of public transport are great fun. Trains are my favourite. Post transplant, I look forward to never having to travel alone again, but alongside lots of interesting strangers, all on our way to an adventure (or Mayo).

  3. I think you should start wearing a flower now. Why wait?

  4. when the time comes, I'll make you a daisy chain to wear..

  5. LaneyTiggy - As it happens, I have been wearing a flower these last two days, and it feels very nice. (It's a little forget-me-not and I shall wear it for the next week to promote Organ Donor Awareness). I'd recommend it for everyone!

    Shiny - Many's the day I spent making daisy chains when I was a nipper. I shall welcome such a gift from you!